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At the Elm City Vineyard, we know that music and arts of all kinds are gifts from God. God has given us imagination—a way of seeing what is real beyond the visible. (The bible talks about something like this in Hebrews 11:1-3.) This means that the exercise of the imagination in the arts can help us contemplate and relate to God in ways that we couldn't otherwise.

This sampler is a collection of music and spoken word poetry created in our community and has served to lead our community into encounter with God. Whether you'd consider yourself a follower of Jesus or you're still trying to figure out what you think about God or about Jesus, our hope is that these tracks will provide a context for you to encounter and meet with God in the person of Jesus.

Interested in getting more connected to the artistic scene at ECV? Check out the Artist Circle (info on the "Get Involved" page on the website) or get in touch with our Worship Pastor, Tina Colón Williams at


released September 1, 2013

Produced by Leon Powell



all rights reserved


Elm City Vineyard New Haven, Connecticut

The Elm City Vineyard is a dynamic, diverse, urban church in the heart of New Haven.

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Track Name: Tina Colón - Following You
I'm realizing life is all about following you

So I'll drop my nets in the sand
I'll leave my boat on the water
I'll take those steps and walk along the waves

So I'll place my dreams in your hands
I'll stake my hopes on your orders
I'll die with you that I might live and live again

Jesus I love you
Jesus I trust you
Jesus I'll follow you until the end
Track Name: Sean Beckett - Carpenter
They say that Jesus was a carpenter
that he spent the time between Bethlehem and his thirtieth birthday
cutting planks and feeling the grain of wood.
They say that Jesus was a carpenter.
Was he a good one?

Did sweat ever drip off his long nose
or get in his eyes,
Did he have a beard
Did it get in the way.
Did he ever hit his thumb
or measure wrong?


Did boards bend at his touch,
could he sand with his palms
Did angels hum along the arc of his hammer,
Did the rhythm of his strokes pull the tides in to shore?

Did he call out the names of the trees as he worked
did he sing the stories of how they fell
did he understand that when a man asked him to build a bed big enough for two
he was praying for his wife to love him
did he bless that bed
did he kneel by every chair and teach it how to hold.

Did he build a house as he would build a sermon,
Checking every line of oak, every length of scripture,
each board a story, every verse a support-
Fitting the walls together, kissing every corner with his fingertips
always leaving the outline of a door?

When he walked away from his dusty workshop on the first day of the rest of his life
Did he preach with a voice thick with sawdust
Did he reach, with shoulders that knew how to pull a saw straight
Did he sit and talk with the firm back of someone who knew what work meant?

I tried to make a bookshelf once but I was too timid.

I was scared of splinters

the discomfort of imperfection

the uncertainty of stability


I gave up.

I told myself I was cut out for something else,

that there are people out there that can do that kind of thing for me,

and it was only going to fall apart.

Is everything he made gone?
I haven’t heard of anybody who has found an old desk in their grandfather’s attic
and claims it was made by the son of God
they must have all broken, at some point.

That bench made for Jairus cracks at one end

the bed he crafted for a man named Thomas sags.

Somewhere in Nazarath a table stutters and falls, a chair rots, and crumbles.

Did he think about that as he walked, two final pieces of wood on his shoulder,
Did he picture every piece of furniture he every built

could he feel them in his mind?

Did he know the hour and season when they would disappear?

And when they put the first nail against his artery
Did he notice

that it was held just a little bit off-center
When they raised the hammer did he know

from experience
That the first blow would cut just a little bit sideways?

And when they were done

nailing him up there

did he look down and realize
that they had done what he could not.

They had built something

that could last
Track Name: Juliet Buesing - Live Abundantly
You said to be like the children
No worries, no shame
We cast off the weight of the darkness
Let freedom come and reign

Dry bones and deserts,
you make all things new...

Bear me into bloom
Call me into life
Let your Spirit's breath fill up my lungs, as I cry
Holy is the Lord our God on High
Wake me up, fill me up, let your glory come shine, shine, shine!

The tiniest seed becomes the biggest tree
So multiply your love through us miraculously
And we're walking into your kingdom-
we want to see your justice come!

Let death die, and let us all sing,
We were made to live abundantly!

There is more, there is more
There is more, there is more
Track Name: Tina Colón - Glory
You have come to proclaim
freedom from darkness for all the prisoners
You have come to set free
all of the captives, all those in chains

You have come to declare
hope to the broken, comfort for all who mourn
You have come to revive
every dry bone and bring us to life

Glory, glory to the Lord our God
Glory, glory to the Lord our God
Glory, you are our glory

You have come to be our light,
To destroy oppression for all of time.
You have come to cast down
all of our idols and fill us with you.

Our prince of peace, Emmanuel, you will restore us
God with us, how you love, how you adore us
Track Name: Leon Powell - My Soul Waits
I wait for you, my soul waits
I cry out for you, I cry out

More than watchmen wait for the morning to come
I wait to see your Son
More than watchmen wait for the Sun to rise
I wait for you to open up the skies

I put my hope in you in your word
I put my trust in you in your son

Send your healing rain down upon this place
God we need your love God we seek your grace

You’ve been faithful all of my life and so I seek you
You've been gracious all of my days and so I praise you